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Formahome kitchen production in Ireland

Formahome kitchen production in Dublin

Formahome kitchens are manufactured using high-tech machines from the German company Homag. Homag in the furniture industry is like a Mercedes in the automotive industry. Our kitchen production warehouse is located in Dublin (Ireland). Our quality control system guarantees that each kitchen will be installed in your home within 1 day. Formahome kitchen warranty – 6 years. Lead time – 45 days.

High-quality bespoke kitchen production – what to look for?

1. Quality of materials

Cabinet furniture and particularly custom-made kitchens are made from various materials such as chipboard, MDF, plywood, veneer, wood, metal, glass, acrylic, quartz and many others. Each material has quality criteria. This article is definitely not enough to cover everything. The most important thing is to check for quality certificates. Otherwise, there is a risk that you will have radioactive granite or toxic formaldehyde resin in the chipboard in your home.

2. Cut quality

The most common material for the production of kitchen furniture is laminated chipboard. These boards are manufactured at the factory in the popular size 2800x2080mm. Then, to cut furniture parts to the right size, you can either cut them with a machine which costs one million euro, or you can use a hand saw. Simply put, less technological saws and cheaper machines produce lower quality cuts. Check for any tear-out on the edges or for any uneven cuts.

3. The quality of edge gluing

So that the cut end of the chipboard does not frighten your guests with its protruding sawdust, they are edged with edge banding. You can glue the edge with a machine for 100 thousand euros, or you can use an iron. The main thing is to look for the thickness and uniformity of the glue line between the edging and the chipboard. High-quality edging is when the glue is not visible at all.

4. Quality of fittings and mechanisms

You all know that kitchen doors open on hinges. So the cheapest Chinese hinge costs €‎0.2.  In contrast, a good German hinge costs €‎3. Visually, they look exactly the same. Of course, some would say that the Chinese hinge is not inferior to the German one. You can decide for yourself, but we strongly do not recommend saving on mechanisms.

5. Quality of countertops and work surfaces

This is our favorite topic! Just ask the seller for a sample of the countertop material and then:

  • Throw kitchen knives at the countertop;
  • Put a hot frying pan on it;
  • Place it in water for a week;

Now you know everything about the quality of the countertop material. For samples, come to our Formahome store in Dublin.

6. Quality of assembly and installation

Just take a look at our work. All photos are of high quality and you can see our kitchens in detail. Or come see display kitchens in our Dublin showroom. Formahome pays special attention to the formation of a professional team of fitters. Our installers are specially trained fighters of furniture special forces. For each kitchen installation, they bring 100kg of specialized tools with them to successfully complete the job in 1 day!

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