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6 years warranty on Formahome kitchens in Ireland

Kitchens to order with a 6-year warranty at the best price in Dublin – how is this possible? 

We tried to find the golden mean between quality, price and service for you and called it Formahome. 

Here is our secret to success 

We take the best mechanisms from German and Austrian manufacturers – they are expensive, but they will serve you for more than 20 years. 

We take furniture materials produced in Ireland at Swiss and Austrian factories – they are inexpensive, as they are made in Ireland from Irish forests, but according to European standards and will serve you for more than 20 years. 

We take inexpensive Chinese-made decorative metal elements, for example, chrome-plated handles or an all-aluminum baseboard. Aluminum, that is Chinese, that German will last more than 20 years, only in China aluminum is somehow cheaper. 

We process all this on German-made robotic machines and reduce production costs due to the high level of factory automation. Reducing production costs makes it possible to provide you with the best prices for kitchens in Dublin.  

Any doubts left? – then come to us and see for yourself!  

Warranty service will be denied if

Formahome warranty does not cover malfunctions and defects caused by the following reasons:

  • in the presence of mechanical damage, traces of exposure to chemicals or thermal effects;
  • in case of loss of consumer qualities as a result of natural wear and tear of the product;
  • with self-illiterate assembly of the kitchen;
  • when self-repairing furniture or replacing its parts, after making changes to the design of the kitchen;
  • as a result of defects caused by overloading, improper or negligent handling of the product;
  • when used for professional purposes, in non-residential premises, industrial and so on;
  • when damage occurs due to the fault of pets or insects;
  • damage resulting from fire, flood or flood;
  • in the event that the Buyer purchases a kitchen at a discount (markdown, sale, promotion);
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